New Songs

Hey guys, I’ve released some new material in June. Wanted to make sure you could access it.

Here it is: Spring Demos

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What’s in your wallet? Or, the Sahara of the Bozart II

Me and Jeremy live in about 400 square feet in the Williamsburg borough of Brooklyn, New York. Our apartment lacks a bathroom sink, as well as any type of closet, but something we are never short of are hundreds of books, vinyl records, and stacks of magazines. My current favorite right now is The Oxford American, a literary monthly that features some of my favorite southern writers. Recently The editor Marc Smirnoff publicly denounced another Southern magazine entitled Garden & Gun, or GAG as he likes to call it, paired with an article defending his stance in the most recent issue.

Now you have to understand friends and readers, that I, more than anyone else is apt to criticize others, and it’s actually something I’ve been consciously working on. I tend to take my art, music, and personal expression with a heavy weight, and have high standards for others to do so as well. However, I really appreciate how Smirnoff has stuck by his remarks and provided even more evidence to his belief in the recent issue.

There’s a fine line between being an asshole and just straight up telling the truth. I don’t think Smirnoff is any type of H.L Menken, but I do think his opinion is valid, and correct. Garden & Gun, in my opinion is something I should keep to myself, since I do not have the expertise. What I do value though, is Smirnoff’s qualified opinion. All I’m sayin’ (Yes in authentic Southern fashion) when done well, I respect people speaking out against something that is half ass and half rate.

Here’s the issue if you’re interested:

In other news. It was my birthday about 9 days ago- Leap year. Yes I turned 6 years old. You do the math. Jeremy took me out to brunch at a local favorite place called Rabbit Hole where I ate croque- monsieur with a fried egg on top. It was pretty iconic. Here’s proof:

When I returned from brunch Jeremy told me my present was in the house. After nervously walking through the front door I found this: A Mason and Hamlin from 1901

I’ve been playing classical pieces as well as prancing around for fun. I played piano growing up for about 14 years. Miss it a lot, and Jeremy did a great job of giving me the best birthday present ever!

Other than the piano, I’ve been recording new music with Producer and Engineer Joel Khouri. He’s got an amazing studio space in SoHo on Mercer and Grand ave called Singing Serpent Studios. We’re recording four of my new songs. They’re very different from my record, and it’s exciting to see how far I’ve grown. I can’t wait to get it done and show it off like a 7 year old in show and tell. Here’s a photo of Joel doing his deal, and my good friend Jon Graboff recording some pedal steel on the tracks:

Lastly, Jeremy and I are gearing up for our two week trip to France at the end of April. We finally booked our lodging and have a bit of a game plan. We’re starting out in Paris for 5 days. Taking the train to Lyon for two nights and staying in the Hotel Le Royal and then down to Marseille to say in a home via Air BNB looking over the water. We’re renting a motorcycle for the week at the coast and we plan on taking trips to Provence, Nice, and other coastal towns.

We’ll look like this when we come back:

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Waking Up Inside My Sleep

This morning I had my alarm clock set for 6am. However, at 3:15 I woke from sleep assuming my alarm had gone off and woke up, put some music on, and got into the shower. It wasn’t until I started getting dressed and checked the clock to see if I was ahead or behind schedule, that I noticed it wasn’t 6:30; it was 3:30am. I have absolutely no idea how this happend. Every time my alarm goes off, I have to turn it off. You know… typical iPhone alarm; but this morning I guess I was just off my rocker? No idea. Is it possible to wake up from an alarm clock in your dream? Tried to get some sleep with wet hair, but I think I was too pissed off at myself to get anything out of it.

It’s currently 2:38pm and I’m on the train back from Philadelphia. It’s a dreary day. While I feel off centered I also feel a sense of understanding and patience.

Spent last week cowriting and making some new music that I’m excited to play tomorrow night at The Living Room in the East Village (154 Ludlow Street). I play at 9pm, and it’s free as a little kid mooning you in a minivan. Come out, and I’ll give you a high-five, maybe even two. Here’s a photo of the front door if you don’t know what those look like:

I returned to New York Tuesday morning at midnight after being gone almost three weeks. New York can be a tough place, and such a love hate relationship. For example: I love that there are great people, great food, and great community, but I hate that at 2:16am Tuesday morning someone is having a dance party below me. Second example: I love that I never have to drive, but I hate that I don’t have any space. Makes me realize and appreciate other towns and other places, but still there’s nothing like New York.

This is my neighborhood:

Played the Sundance Film Festival two weeks ago, and it was a blast. Not only playing infront of many talented and attentive people in the entertainment industry, but also meeting new friends. Park City is a fun little town with tons on Pendelton clothing, cowboy boots, and buffalo chili; so naturally, I felt right at home. Here’s an illegal photo of me playing at the ASCAP Music Cafe with Jeremy Current:

We stayed at an amazing cabin with heated floors, multiple fireplaces, and two kitchens. I was so uncomfortable. Here’s a picture of the view from the living room:

Jeremy and I also played on the local CBS station in Salt Lake City and here’s a photo from the taping:

Well I mostly wanted to tell you of my weird morning, but Happy February and here’s to another 6 weeks of winter.


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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is true. You can’t. Nevertheless, I’ve chosen not to write about the negatives in life, but instead on what’s ahead.

Next week I’ll be at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah playing the ASCAP Music Cafe. I’m happy to share the stage with other artists such as Ingrid Michelson, David Gray, and Jeremy Current. After that I’ll spend a week in Nashville writing with some great folks and eating delicious redneck mexican food. It’s the best, you know?

Here’s proof:

So far we’ve had 17 days in the new year, and I don’t have much to complain about. I can make rent in Brooklyn (barely), successfully use the MTA subway system, and I don’t buy fruit from those carts on the street because apparently they all have bed bugs. I miss the hell out of the South, but this will do for now.

Played The Gaslight last week as a part of the Gaslight Revival; an attempt to bring it back to it’s original glory when Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, and Mississippi John Hurt played there. It was really cool, and I’m glad people in NYC are still trying to keep it alive. Here’s a cool photo of Bob Dylan’s debut performance there in 1961.

Look for me in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall in Feb. Otherwise I’ll see you down the road.

Happy trails,

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Stuck indoors; or a salute to you, Ms. Daisy Duke

I’m trying to fight it, but sometimes you just got to wait it out. Yes I’ve got that winter cold and cough that wakes you up every morning with a cup of flem. Hallelujah! So here I am.

Now that all my disgusted readers have left the building I can get right down to the important stuff.

Since my move to New York City I’ve seen lots of things. People throwing up on the sidewalk, raw hamburgers that taste really good, falling down the stairs after a young hispanic boy tries to hit on me, reading lots of autobiographies, and having a man tell me he loves my show but my cut off “jean shorts are very inappropriate.”

You probably think I’m a crazy person, and we’ll you’re right. I was born on leap year, so I’ve got that going for me.

Regardless, I’ve enjoyed playing lots of music around town and I appreciate those who come and share those experiences with me. So hats off to you, patrons of the arts. I couldn’t do it without you, and it’s always good to know that others know what you’re talking about. I’ve also been helping with Jeremy Current’s podcasts lately so check out his latest post from today, I’m playing banjo:

Went for a walk through central park yesterday:

And yes it’s that time of year when way too many people are out with shopping bags, which makes it feel like there are really twice as many people on the subway. But; it’s still nice, and I’m glad to be spending my first Christmas in New York, where it’s really freaking cold.

In other news, I’m getting involved a bit in the local Williamsburg community and booking some Saturday shows at Pete’s Candy Store on Lorimer street. Look it up if you’ve never been. I play there a lot, but this time I’ll be bringing out some of my favorite acts.

Also, look for another Rockwood date at the end of February. For now I’ll do my best to shake this cold. See you next time, b

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13 hour drive

Well it’s been an interesting month, if nothing else, that is definitely the truth. I just returned at 3am last morning from a 13 hour drive from Nashville, TN and I can tell you one thing; I didn’t know one’s butt could be so sore.

Had a great week co-writing with some very talented folks and I’m looking forward to doing more writing after Christmas is over. The winter is soon encroaching on New York City, and I’ve had a small case of the worries wondering if I’ll be able to stand up to the cold, but I’ve got a sleeping bag as a jacket and a pair of L.L Bean snow shoes, so I think I’ll survive.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music lately, and trying to let all sorts of things absorb in and see what comes out, if you’re interested in that you should come see me play at Rockwood Music Hall in the lower east side of Manhattan. I’ll be playing on the 30th of November at 7pm, so please come out, have a drink and get into the holiday season with some depressing country music…. or… something.

Jeremy and I will be smoking a Turkey on our fire escape this year for Thanksgiving. It’s an age old tradition in the Cooke house to turn Thanksgiving into a BBQ feast. I mean, who needs cranberry sauce anyway? Every year we smoke our turkey with Head Country BBQ sauce; the best BBQ sauce… straight from Oklahoma (where I was born). Instead of stuffing, we have baked beans with bacon, and instead of rolls we have cornbread. This year, since our oven is the size of a microwave, we’re going to get a small smoker, stick it onto the fire escape, and say our prayers. I’ll be sure to let you know if the local Williamsburg fire department shuts us down. Still going to do some traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but overall…. I think it will be iconic. Our friend Michael Hix ( will be joining us and I think our main goal is to get full, drunk, and lazy.

In other news, Jeremy Current (my husssssband) is playing Rockwood Music Hall this afternoon at 3pm ( I am determined to lose my marbles. I hope you do too.

See you there!


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If you want to work on your art, work on your life. ANTON CHEKHOV

I moved to Brooklyn this month, and it always strikes me how hard it is to adjust to new spaces and to find that “home” feeling. I can’t say I’ve found it completely, but I’ve definitely seen it creeping around corners and in glimpses. I’m putting most of my hopes in the fall.

I’ll be playing now (locally) at Pete’s Candy Store this Saturday at 9pm. Please come by and say hello. It will be a pleasant evening, and it’s been too long since I’ve played in New York; which I look forward to changing hopefully this fall.

In other news, I’m reading through Daniel Lanois’ autobiography. In regards to the Chekhov quote at the beginning of this entry; it’s really rewarding when you live you life and your works falls completely inline with how you’re living. This is something Daniel seemed to do very well. Something I’m hoping to get better at.

Well that’s all for now. Sorry I don’t update this more often. I’m going to be better at that.

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CD release at The Neighborhood Theatre April 22nd, 2011!

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while. But I’m playing a whole set and also playing alongside Jeremy Current this Friday for his new album release! It’s going to be an amazing night with great musicians included! I’ll have a full band with some of the finest musicians in North Carolina, and have a few new songs as well! Jeremy will have over 10 people in the band and an additional string section. Also playing that evening is Mark Mathis and his folk band, which should be very great, and not often seen!

The Neighborhood Theatre
511 East 36th Street
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 358-9298

Check out this video and please share it with all your friends to help to promote the show, and you can see some shots of me working on the record!

AND REMEMBER!!! Jeremy’s Kickstarter account ends at Midnight Thursday night/Friday morning, so make sure you help push it along and tell your friends as well! We’ve got to be in this together! Local music needs you!Jeremy Current- CD Release \"Dark Land of the Sun\"

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Help Make a Full Length Record!

I’ve Spent the past three month and still working on making a record for Jeremy Current. Click on the link to his kickstarter page to donate to help make this independent record possible! You can pre-order the record (which has a live track of me, Ricky Skaggs, and Jeremy), buy limited edition merchandise, and help a great cause!

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Bailey Cooke to play Music City Roots on March 2nd

Just got announced! Really excited about the show coming up. Nothing’s better than fried chicken before a show. Know what I mean? It’s going to be an all women Americana night! So if you like girls, be there or be square. Actually, I take that back, if you like good music, be there or be square.

Anyhow, in other news, I’m going to go to fed ex this morning to pick up my es-335 courtesy of Cotten Music in Nashville, TN. Well maybe not courtesy, because I paid for it; however, I’m pretty excited about it.

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